by  Jim Vineyard
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  All photos on this site were digitally enhanced with Picture Window Pro 2.5 and Adobe Photoshop LE unless otherwise noted.  All photographic guiding was performed with the Lumicon Giant Easy Guider and the SBIG model ST-4 autoguider as needed.
  Being a site devoted to the fine art of astro-photography, many of these photos are presented in a larger, higher resolution, and quality format which will result in slower download times as required to display them properly.
  A very special thank you to all those for without whose help and guidance this page simply would not exist!
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The Whirlpool Galaxy
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Omega Centauri
The Center of Our
The Orion Nebula
The Trifid Nebula
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The Moon and Saturn
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The Dumbell Nebula
  The Ring Nebula
  The Helix Nebula
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The Bug Nebula
The Lagoon and
     Stars, Windmill,
  Flashlight, a Breeze
Total Lunar Eclipse
Transit of Mercury
Deep Sky with Planets
M31 at 135mm
Hale-Bopp over Palm Springs
Partial Solar Eclipse
Mars 2003
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Adjust your monitor:  Within the blue frame below, you should be able to discern 17 distinct "equally sized" shaded rectangles from black labeled #1 to white labeled #17.  If you cannot see EACH of the 17 SEPARATE steps, adjust your monitor's (hardware) "Brightness" and "Contrast" until you can see all 17 shades.  As an added benefit of taking the time to do this, any further images you view on the Internet should appear closer to as their author intended.  Pay particular attention to differences between #1 & 2 and #16 & 17, as they are typically hardest to just barely discern.
This Calibration Method first provided courtesy of Mr.Chuck Vaughn.
Site Announcement:
As of April 2008 this page will no longer be updated.  It is presented only as an archive of some previous work in film-based astrophotography.